Monday, November 23, 2009

My German Shepard's Ghost Visit

I found this story amazing and very similiar to two stories I discovered in Arizona this month...  please read on.
"The incident took place in Tampa, Florida in the summer of 2005. I was lying in bed watching the Today show; it was about 7:30 in the morning. I was recovering from a major car accident that I was in a couple of months before. I was propped up on four pillows, sitting up in bed with my cat Mischief next to me and my little Lhasa-apso sleeping by my knees. My injury from the accident was a broken neck, so I was wearing a special plastic collar called an Aspen collar. I was to wear this collar for about nine months. This collar held my neck in an upright position, so I could only see what was directly in front of me and some peripheral vision.
As I was sitting up sipping some tea my husband had made for me before he left for work, I saw my German Shepherd dog Bear coming around the foot of my bed up to the right side of me. This dog had been dead for four years, three months! He died of a seizure on May 20, 2001, and the day this incident happened was August, 2005. (My accident was June 10, 2005.)
I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My cat also saw him: her eyes followed him all the way up the right side of my bed, and her long, black fur was sticking straight up. All of a sudden, I felt a big cold dog nose and a big lick on the side of my neck that went beyond the collar... and that was it... he was gone!
I was shaking so much and crying. I couldn't beleive what just happened. This dog was very protective in life to all of us, my husband and I and my little dogs and my stepson. I'll never forget how my dog came to me that morning at such a hard and scary time in my life. I'll always love you, Bear."   Darlene Foy...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More White House Ghosts: Presidential Pets Regan's "Rex" and Obama's "Beau"

Ever since the White House was first occupied in 1800, there have been rumors of hauntings, but this story direct from the President’s mouth. No, not President Obama.  This story is directly from the lips of Ronald Reagan.
 It was March 18, 1986, when the President entertained the dinner table throughout the meal and the story I remember best was about his encounters with the White House ghostly spirits.    According to the President, Rex, the King Charles Cavalier spaniel who had recently replaced Lucky as First Dog, had twice barked frantically in the Lincoln Bedroom and then backed out and refused to set foot over the threshold.  Another evening, while the Reagans were watching TV in their room, Rex stood up on his hind legs, pointed his nose at the ceiling and began barking at something invisible overhead.  To their amazement, the dog walked around the room, barking at the ceiling.
 “I started thinking about it,” the President continued, “And I began to wonder if the dog was responding to an electric signal too high-pitched for human ears, perhaps beamed toward the White House by a foreign embassy.  I asked my staff to look into it.”
 The President laughed and said, “I might as well tell you the rest.  A member of our family [he meant his daughter Maureen] and her husband always stay in the Lincoln Bedroom when they visit the White House.  Some time ago the husband woke up and saw a transparent figure standing at the bedroom window looking out.  Then it turned and disappeared.  His wife teased him mercilessly about it for a month.  Then, when they were here recently, she woke up one morning and saw the same figure standing at the window looking out.  She could see the trees right through it.  Again it turned and disappeared.”
The Lincoln bedroom was not a bedroom when Lincoln was President—it was his Cabinet Room where he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  It’s well known that Abraham Lincoln and his wife held séances in the White House, attempting to contact the spirit of their son Willie, who died there and who has been seen walking the halls.
I wonder if the Obamas have encountered any ghostly knockings yet, or if their dog Beau has suffered the same anxiety attacks as Reagan’s dog Rex...  it wouldn't surprise me if they have.  Tvcc

Monday, November 9, 2009

Animal Planet New Show... The Haunted

Animal Planet is launching a new show November 29th called 'The Haunted', about experiences with ghost animals.  The show producers are looking for first hand accounts of true animal ghost stories, paranormal experiences involving you and your pets, and true tales of animal spirits attempting to haunt you from beyond.

To share your true stories or and actually apply to get on the show, click here:

Good Luck...  and happy haunting.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - The Phantom Cat

My First Haunting

Back in the spring of 1993 my mother died and left me a small
sum of money. My mother and I had always had a troubled
relationship. At the time of her death, we were not even on
speaking terms. So the inheritance came as a surprise, and
the feelings that came with it, mixed as they were with grief,
confusion, and the knowledge that with her death we would
never be able to mend our relationship, overwhelmed me.

I took the money and bought a small car and a small house. 
Recently divorced and a single parent with limited income, I 
had accepted that home ownership was probably now out of 
the realm of possibility, and yet suddenly, because of my 
mother’s death, my children and I had a home to call our own. 
I was grateful, and I was very sad.

We weren’t in the house more than a day or two when my 
children started to talk about seeing a cat inside the house, 
and hearing the voices of other children. At first I dismissed 
their stories: We didn’t own a cat, and I figured the voices 
they heard were almost certainly kids who lived in the 
neighborhood. Then, one day, alone in the house, out of the 
corner of my eye I caught sight of what looked like a cat 
darting through the kitchen and down the basement stairs. 
Immediately I heard what sounded like children singing at 
the bottom of those stairs.

Nervous and bit frightened, I descended the stairs only to 
discover nothing but an empty basement. The sound stopped 
as soon as I reached the bottom of the staircase and of course 
no cat was anywhere to be seen. I walked towards the end of 
the basement farthest from the stairs, and suddenly, as I 
reached the far wall, the sound of children singing seemed to 
be coming from upstairs where I had just been. I went back 
up the stairs and the sound stopped. No one was outside the 
house. No one was inside the house. No radios or TVs were 
playing anywhere.

Over the course of the next few months this phenomenon 
repeated itself several times. More than once the sounds 
even came when another adult was around as a witness, 
so it wasn’t just me hearing them, and it wasn’t just my kids. 
These sounds of children singing would seem to be in the 
basement, but then, as soon as we descended the stairs the 
sounds would shift to the upstairs. No neighborhood kids or 
sources for the sounds were ever found.

Go check out for yourself...  sz

My First Haunting