Friday, October 23, 2009

Animal Hauntings – Believe It!

Some individuals believe only human beings have a soul.  How then, do they explain spectral animal sightings and the distinct hearing of animal sounds when none are present?  Recordings of animals communicating from beyond have been confirmed in many EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) investigations.  How can one discount beliefs of hundreds of different human cultures who call upon animal spirit guides to help their dead cross safely into the next realm?  Many renowned Psychics bring animals with them to investigate paranormal activity because animals have much higher sensitivity to various energies than humans.   The following animal hauntings have been confirmed by believers and skeptics alike:

  • Arundel Castle, in England - A large white bird flutters against windows to signal a death is imminent 
  •  L.A. Pet Memorial Park - Celebrity pets seen roaming the park, heard vocalizing, visitors feel sensation of and animal licking their hand
  • U.S. Capitol Building - A black cat nicknamed “DC” seen roaming the halls at night by security guards 
  • Merridun Inn in Union, SC - Reports of a small white dog that has hopped into bed with some guests

 If seeing is believing, then in Montclaire, NJ Jan McKinley and her husband Mike can now say they truly believe. Jan recounts their experience from 2006…

 “Mike and I never really talked about the existence of ghosts of any kind.  I don’t think it was a matter of not believing, we just didn’t have any reason to think about it before.  A few years ago, we were taking our beagle Sam for his evening walk, down to a park at the end of our street, just like every night.  All the neighbors with dogs get down there before dinnertime, we chat with one another and let the dogs run and play together.  That particular evening, an elderly neighbor (Eva Thomas) was not there, but her Daschund (Millie) was there, playing with the other dogs.  Several neighbors noticed Eva was not there and wondered out loud if Millie had gotten out of her yard and ran down the street to get to the park.  Eva was a devoted dog owner so we guessed she would notice Millie was gone and quickly come looking.  After about 20 minutes, we left for home.  As everyone was leaving the park, I looked back to see if Millie was still there.  She was gone.  I yelled over to a couple other neighbors asking if they’d seen Eva show up to get Millie.  Each said no.  This bothered me all through dinner, so I decided to walk over to Eva’s house to check and see if Millie made it home.  It was dark and getting late so Mike went with me. 

When we knocked on the door, Eva answered, looking exhausted.  Before I could even say a word she looked at me through teary eyes and said “Millie died this morning at the Veterinarian’s office.  I haven’t been able to think of anything else.”  We were astounded.  Eva was elderly, but by no means was she senile.  I asked, without saying anything about the park, what happened.  Eva told us the story of Millie’s struggle with stomach problems and a tumor on her liver.  The dog had a seizure the day before and was taken to the Vet, where she died the next morning.  We didn’t say anything that night to Eva, but promised we’d check on her the next day if that was alright.  She said yes and we left.  Mike was as sure as I was that Millie was in the park only 90 minutes earlier.  The next day, every neighbor I asked confirmed they saw Millie the evening before. 

We never saw Millie in the park again.   Eventually someone told Eva the story and she was not surprised.  She said she could still hear Millie’s footsteps sometimes and hear her doggie door open and shut.  She felt Millie was still with her.”

This type of evidence is most credible.  When a shared sighting of a ghost animal occurs and stories are corroborated among those who believe and those who do not, the story is virtually irrefutable. 

The existence of animal haunting and ghost animals is a worldwide phenomenon.  Please feel free to share your stories with me...


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