Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"The Haunted" Disappointing - Here is a REAL Ghost Animal Sighting Recall...

I watched the Discovery Channel's new show "The Haunted" - supposedly about ghostly encounters with animals - and came away wholly unimpressed.  Too much show and  not enough "go".  Interviews with show participants were credible enough, but there were no animal encounters - only animals perceiving an unseen presence.  We are all aware of animals' powers of perception over and above those of humans.  The truth we seek on this site is whether the spirits of animals can come back to us and live among the spirits of humans, communicate with the living, make their presence known to us...

I will give you a first hand, personal account of a ghost animal encounter - the one that has gripped my consciousness since 1993 and sparked my passion for ghost animal research.  This encounter helped me understand what had been a lifetime of animal ghost encounters and dreams that made no sense up to that time.  Bear with me as a tell you my personal story...

I was in my 20's, a young wife and mother.  I lived in New Jersey at the time and remember the fall season finally settling in, leaves falling and cool air replacing the humid summer weather.  I slept with the window open one particular night, fell into a comfortable sleep and dreamed of a man and his dog driving along staring at me from their car window.  A very ordinary, bald man with untanned skin and no distinguishing features, driving along with a gorgeous black and brown German Shepard in the front seat with him.  I looked over at the car a few times and they were still there, looking right into my eyes.  The dream did not really disturb me, and i woke the next morning thinking of the lovely Shepard wondering what his name was.

There is one main road through the small town i lived in then, and at the end was a military base.  I drove the road hundreds of times, rode the school bus from one end to the other as a student, was shuttled back and forth by my parents to and fro - there was nothing striking about the road other than how boringly familiar it was.  One early afternoon a day or so after my dream about the man and his Shepard, i was driving on this road past a convenience store/gas station and looked to my left and was passed by a bald man in a blue car with a German Shepard in the front seat.  I just glanced over quickly enough to notice those details, but also noticed he was staring very intently at me.  He seemed to slow down, and I looked again a few seconds later and he stared straight at me again - so did his dog.  My stomach knotted and i swallowed hard enough for it to hurt my throat.  This was the man and the dog from my dream just days ago!  In every detail, the encounter played itself out exactly like the dream.  The pale man, the blue car, the beautiful Shepard, their stares.  I quickly became concerned about driving while distracted like this, and pulled over into a parking lot to collect myself.  I jumped out of the car and my eyes followed the car as he drove ahead of me out of sight.  Needless to say i was alarmed.  Alarmed enough to take a full 20 minutes before i drove off again.

The encounter did make me sit back and think of all the times animals had entered my dreams and my conscious world and foretold of a death, or loss or tragedy.  I remembered several recurring dreams of a black snake chasing me through a spanish-style house, three cats whose mouths mewed but made no sound, and one where a pack of dogs played and romped until they saw me, then stopped to sit quietly just wagging their tails panting with their tongues out, watching me pass.  I loved animals as a child and love them even more now.  I just thought these were normal dreams and thoughts for someone like me.  I researched for years and now realize that animal spirits can be messengers and have been since recorded time.  I made the connection in my life and it has played out many more times since that incident.

Six days after encountering the man and the dog in 1993, my two youngest children were severely injured in a car accident.  Both survived.   sz

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